Rasmus K. Rendsvig

Postdoctoral researcher,
Center for Information and Bubble Studies,
University of Copenhagen

rasmus@hum.ku.dk // rendsvig@gmail.com
(+45) 26 83 05 13

Karen Blixens Plads 8, (16.3.12)
2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

I am a post.doc. at the Center for Information and Bubble Studies, University of Copenhagen. My research revolves around on epistemic logic, formal social epistemology and information dynamics. I have special interest in the interplay of information and interaction in social contexts with focus on social influence.

I wrote my Ph.D. thesis in Theoretical Philosophy at Lund University on casting logical dynamics as dynamical systems. Prior to that, I spend a year visiting the LogiCIC project at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam after having written my Master thesis in Philosophy and Mathematics at Roskilde University on semantic competence, quantified epistemic logic and Frege’s puzzle about identity.

Other things also happened. I defer to this CV.


Publications in rendsvig.bib [rss]
Intensional Protocols for Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Hanna S. van Lee, Rasmus K. Rendsvig, Suzanne van Wijk. Journal of Philosophical Logic. 2019.
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Logical Dynamics and Dynamical Systems
Rasmus K. Rendsvig. PhD thesis, Lund University. 2018.
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Hintikka's Knowledge and Belief in Flux
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Convergence, Continuity and Recurrence in Dynamic Epistemic Logic
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The Philosophy of Distributed Information
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Diffusion, Influence and Best-Response Dynamics in Networks: An Action Model Approach
Rasmus K. Rendsvig. Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2014 Student Session. Ronald de Haan, ed.. 2014.
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Pluralistic Ignorance in the Bystander Effect: Informational Dynamics of Unresponsive Witnesses in Situations calling for Intervention
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Aggregated Beliefs and Informational Cascades
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Pelle G.Hansen, Vincent F. Hendricks, Rasmus K. Rendsvig. Metaphilosophy. vol. 44. 2013.
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Using Quantified Epistemic Logic as a Modeling Tool in Cognitive Neuropsychology
Rasmus K. Rendsvig. Proceedings of the Logic & Cognition Workshop at ESSLLI 2012. Jakub Szymanik, Rineke Verbrugge, eds.. CEUR Workshop Proceedings. 2012.
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Modeling Semantic Competence: A Critical Review of Frege's Puzzle about Identity
Rasmus K. Rendsvig. New Directions in Logic, Language and Computation. Daniel Lassiter, Marija Slavkovik, eds.. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. vol. 7415. Springer. 2012.
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Towards a Theory of Semantic Competence
Rasmus K. Rendsvig. Master's thesis, Dept. of Philosophy and Science Studies and Dept. of Mathematics, Roskilde University. 2011.
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Epistemic Term-Modal Logic
Rasmus K. Rendsvig. Proceedings of the 15th Student Session of the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information. Marija Slavkovik, ed.. 2010.
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